Merry, Merry and Happy Happy


I realize I am a little late with this, but I have been carrying the thought of creating a personal blog with me for some time.

I have been writing my business blog, Creating Tomorrow, for almost a year now. I have enjoyed seeing how it’s grown from a thin wisp of a thing to the point where is gives a both broad and detailed view of my growing coaching and training consultancy.

Recently, though, I’ve become addicted to reading blogs by other expats in Europe. This has been an eclectic mix of black and white American women (and some men) who have come to Europe (and in one case: Japan) looking for a myriad of things – and in the end, all for the same reason. Most of them seem younger than me by at least a few years. Seldom have they been over here as long as I have. Reading and vicariously participating in their (mis-)adventures makes me think back to the many things I’ve experienced since leaving suburban Pennsylvania and settling here – near the Dutch-German border – via years spent in Strasbourg (France), Heidelberg, Göttingen, Mainz, and Düsseldorf/Neuss.

Also,  having walked away from the corporate treadmill in 2005, this more personal blog will give me a chance to both remember where I’ve come from, as well as reflect on the current changes I’m experiencing on the way to where I still need to go in my life.

So this blog will be the perfect opportunity for me to reflect on life as it is today, while recording many of the impressions and experiences that haven gotten me from there to here.


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  1. Villager said,

    January 25, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    It is a pleasure to see another sister out here in the afrosphere! Have you come across Adrianne and her Black Woman in Europe blog?


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