Shabby Chic in the Dining Room


Apparently I have saved a false memory where the origin of my first pieces of depression glassware is concerned. I thought I had inherited a few pieces from my Great-Aunt Gaynell; my mother, however, says she put away a few pieces for me that she’d found somewhere and liked. In any case, I kept my first few pieces around for a number of years without having any real use for (or relationship to) them. Every once in awhile I displayed a piece or actually used it in a pinch. By the time my children were walking, though, most of it was relegated to a kid-proof place in the bottom of a cabinet somewhere.

That all changed when I moved into a place of my own just prior to the new millenium. While packing I rediscovered the few pieces of depression glass I’d managed to save over the years, and quickly integrated them into my new decor. It was around this time, too, that I really began reading about depression glass. Thanks to the internet, I soon knew enough to identify the manufacturers and patterns of the pieces I owned. I also began slowly expanding my collection. Ebay (and my shipping-friendly sister) became my friends, and I looked forward to the odd visits to flea markets and 2nd hand shops with my Mom during visits to the States.

In the meantime I am the proud owner of an eclectic range of patterns, pieces and colors. The blue setting above and the pieces here:

federal glass madrid plates 

are examples of Federal Glass’s “Madrid” pattern. I also have several pieces in crystal to compliment/add to my settings.

I have several pieces of “Princess” by Hocking, which is one of my personal favorites:

 hocking princess

and a large selection of “Florentine” (also called “Poppy”) by Hazel Atlas.

Florentine Hazel

This is only a mention of my favorite and/or largest selection of pieces. I have several others! In the meantime, too, I’ve gotten two sets of vintage silverware, several types of vintage glasses, and a silver-plated tea set to compliment my collection.

No longer relegated to “special occassions” that come all-too-seldom anyway, my pieces are pulled out at random. Sometimes it’s when I feel like cooking something special; at other times it’s to add a little style to a simple sandwich or salad or plate of cookies enjoyed with a hot cup of tea while working here at my laptop.

Carpe diem!


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