Life at the Border: “Das (ehemalige) Zonenrandgebiet”

Restaurant at the Theater in Goettingen, Germany

I lived in Goettingen, Germany, from 1979 till 1982. I attended the Georg-August-University there, too. It is a city with a lot of tradition, and a very beautiful “Altstadt”.

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No Popes, but Pigeons


I have only been to Italy once. It’s one of those memories that is a hodgepodge of fascination and fun (new country! adventure!), and melancholy (wrong, wrong man…). Still, it was fantastic to finally get a chance to see some of the things I had heard about so often.

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Another Gratuitous Cute Puppy Shot



detail, hagia sophia, istabul, turkey

 In 2005 I had the opportunity to conduct a workshop for a media agency in Istanbul, Turkey. I had never been to Turkey before, so I jumped at the chance to investigate at least a small part of the historical city before and after the workshop.

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The Babes


Don’t ask me why, but I always wanted kids.

In some ways I may have been the prototype for a “modern” woman who considers her career an imperative, and I certainly can’t begin to imagine giving up my (ok: more or less) intellectual and professional pursuits to spend 100 % of my time folding laundry, baking cookies or planning yet another perfect 4-course meal.

On the other hand, I looked forward to the “little things” about having kids.

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What I’m Watching: “Little Britain”

little britain

Ok, I was trying to copy a favorite segment of the smash British comedy hit, “Little Britain, from, but it wouldn’t show up. So, click HERE to see the episode about ‘bitty’ that I’m talking about.

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UMHS Mini-Reunion


One of the amazing things about the internet is that it allows you to locate so many of the people you’ve lost touch with over the years. Whether you simple do a search with your favorite search engine, or log onto a site like or, I’m always surprised just how many people I’ve been able to locate. Ok, it’s more difficult with women if they’ve gotten married, but still…

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Why ChessMan No Longer Drives the Nissan Xtrail


Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

ChessMan actually wasn’t hurt in the accident at all. He ended up banging himself up pretty badly, though, by falling from the tow truck. He lost his footing when climbing up to retrieve his briefcase…..

Alaaf You!

Karneval in Lövenich

Anyone who knows anything about Germany – and has a quick look at their calendar – knows that we are now in the midst of the so-called “5th Season”: KARNEVAL!!!!

While in Germany, I have lived in both Mainz and Dusseldorf, which – along with Cologne –  are the three major hot spots in Germany when it comes to the celebrations, and for days now the TV stations have been full of live televised coverage of parades and sessions held by the big carneval clubs.

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