Happy Easter!


Ok, the puppies are freaking out around my ankles, so this post might have to be a proverbial ‘hit and run’. But Easter is fast approaching, and I couldn’t help thinking about Easters Past, as they say.

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Throckmorton, Perry and Me – Part 1

old time radio 

I actually grew up – as many American did – watching TV.  I can still remember things a lot of you probably never experienced, much less forgot:

  • when – even American! – TV wasn’t broadcast 24/7 and there was the Indian Head test pattern when nothing was being broadcast

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Termi – watchdog extraordinaire – making sure no cats wander into our garden by mistake…

The Euro 1.2 Million House

bokhoven - back

On Friday I started a lengthy entry about how we eventually ended up selecting this house – and, in effect, moving more than six months earlier than we had planned. Unfortunately, when I tried to save that entry in order to take a call, everything disappeared into the outer reaches of the worldwide web.

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