The Red Rose Award

I was surprised when I got a message from SjP from Sojourner’s Place over at I’ve been to her blog when I get a chance, but we haven’t really had a chance to interact with one another. I was really gobsmacked to see that she had selected me as one of the bloggers she wanted to pass on the Red Rose Award to.

Thanks so much for thinking of me, SjP!

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Invasion of the Ocular Aliens

Me with my Aunties. Lord help us all!

My sister told me about this picture. She was visiting one of my Aunt Henrietta recently, and they discovered this while burrowing through a box of old photos.

Now, as far as I am concerned, I have an excuse. I was a child – and genetics were more responsible for my forehead than I was.

But: Aunties! Where did you get those glasses?!?!?!??!

(Seriously: I wish I had a pair of those around today. I would certainly find a way to rock ’em. Both pairs!!!!)

Love you, Aunt Joyce and Aunt Lois.

R.I.P. Aunt Gerry! Love you, too!

What I’m Listening To Today

I remember spending the summer in Massachusetts when I was 12 years old. My uncle and his family were living there at the time, and I spent the summer babysitting their two children. This was back in the days of vinyl records and stereos. Needless to say, I was not allowed to touch the stereo. Needless to say, I did as often as I thought I could get away with it.

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24 Carat Time

An entry explaining the name for this blog should have been one of the first I wrote. Now that I’ve actually found the document I wanted to copy to explain it more fully, I spent some time writing an entry that seemed to get to the marrow of the issue. One second of distraction and the wrong click, however,  sent the entire entry off into internet nirvana.

Can you tell how p.o.’d I am?

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Channelling The Jolly Green Giant

wild garden

The first year we moved into the house we did little in the garden. The pooper scooper twins were often given the run of the first level and proceeded in a record amount of time to dig gigantic holes into the grass. The back portion is steep and filled with weeds and pine trees. In the very back there is also a huge walnut tree.

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Port Zelande

riding through belgium. sunset


(When I wrote the entry “Walking Away From Destruction” I had actually wanted to look back into my journal and see exactly what I had written that morning on the beach. I couldn’t find that particular journal right away, though. Now it’s been located. This is what I wrote.)

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A Black American by Smokey Robinson


smokey robinson


I have been a HUGE fan of Smokey Robinson since I was old enough to understand the difference between The Miracles and the Temptations. Ok, the Temptations were cool and I especially loved Eddie Kendricks, but in my eyes no one could top Smokey Robinson. I loved his voice, and loved the fact that he not only sang the songs, but – more often than not – he also WROTE the songs. And not only his own songs, but also songs for groups like the Temptations (“My Girl” anyone?)  or Mary Wells and The Marvelettes.

I was such a Smokey fan that – at the tender age of 12 – I stood on a street corner in Camden, NJ, and debated the relative merits of the Miracles versus The Temptations as my cousin Kim can probably attest.

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“Walking Away From Destruction


I had gotten into the habit of going away by myself for a few days. I relished the opportunity to be on my own in a different setting, and to meditate or read or just drink wine and write in my journal. 

The best trip I ever gave myself was to a resort on the North Sea called Port Zelande. It was drizzling the morning of my birthday, but I pulled on some water-proof gear and headed down to the beach.

It was so moving and peaceful all at the same time. I was almost alone, with only someone walking their dog way up the beach in one direction and a small group of people off in the distance in the other direction. I spent the morning walking in the mist and collecting shells. When I got tired I sat down on my cape and watched the waves and wrote in my journal.

It was to date the best birthday of my life.

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