31 May 2008

I can’t even begin to write about what I feel or what I am experiencing right now. I think of one of my favorite poems, Stevie Smith‘s Not Waving but Drowning, more often than I care to to describe the insurmountable feeling of being sucked in by the waves and pulled to the bottom.

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Gratuitous Puppy Update

I was actually going to write about something else today, but after an afternoon spent at the supermarket and the garden center I am knackered beyond words. The weather has gotten cooler here, too, but I am just too tired to go outside and plant all the new stuff we got today for both the garden and the balcony.

Tomorrow. Maybe.

Till then – more from the Pooper-Scooper Twins!

Here’s Termi using ChessMan as a hammock while Rocky cuddles up alongside.

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My name is Trina and I’m an insomniac. Fortunately for me, ChessMan’s an insomniac, too.

If I manage to sleep through the night more than 7 days a month I consider myself lucky. This insomnia actually goes back to childhood. I can remember putting my mini radio/record player under my pillow as a child and listening to music (if my parents didn’t notice and my sister didn’t tattle) deep into the night. Later I was an avid reader and – because I often literally couldn’t put a book down – read through many a night with a flashlight under the covers (a worn cliche, I know) until the dawn. Although no copy survives, one of the best poems I feel I ever wrote was written in the wee hours of the morning under the influence of the rush of emotions I felt after I finished reading James Baldwin‘s Another Country.

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Pre-Season Flora

I know I just posted an incredibly long entry this morning (so, if you haven’t read “How Menopause Got Me To Madrid”, what are your waiting for?), I also want to post the following pictures. I took them this morning in the garden just after watering. (ChessMan mowed the lawn while I was gone, but didn’t think to give the plants a good healthy slurp!)

Thank you, RawDawgBuffalo, for not only requesting more pix of the flowers, but for motivating me to do something I’ve actually been planning to do for awhile.

The fight against the grass and weeds is still an uphill battle, but we are making some headway.

I plan to post pictures again in a few weeks, so you can see how things have progress and what’s in full bloom!

* The first irises are beginning to blossom in the side garden.

* I love peonies, and am happy to say that two of my three plants are now in bud.

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How Menopause Got Me to Madrid


As some of you may know, I just got back from a business jaunt to Madrid. My mission? To prepare a team of hostesses, as well as international brand managers from one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, for their stint as booth team members at the 12th World Conference on Menopause. Let’s just say that both I and the ladies engaged as hostesses were selected over younger, more nubile (or male) candidates because of our chronological proximity to the subject matter…. Although there wasn’t any opportunity to play tourist, I was still really excited about the opportunity – especially because this was my first trip to Spain.

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Or should I call this an ‘oops-date’. I got a comment on my Red Rose entry this morning, and was surprised to see that it’s been that long since I’ve posted anything! But I have been busy in both my professional and private lives in recent weeks, so it’s not like I’ve been ignoring this blog.

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