Pix My Sister Sent


I had the good fortune of growing up in an intact black middle class neighborhood till I was nine years old. We played safely outside on our street. Though we lived in a city, there was plenty of green in our neighborhood, and many a lazy summer afternoon was spent riding our bikes, picking (and eating!) berries,  or playing some sort of outdoor game. Neighborhood mothers (and fathers!) had an eye out for you – and Lord help you, if someone else had call to discipline you. You got it both coming (from them) and going (from your parents).

We also lived two doors down from my aunt and uncle (Dad’s 2nd youngest brother) and two cousins.

My sister has been photo-raiding with my dearest Aunt Henrietta. The following are pix Aunt Henriette (abovementioned aunt; formerly two doors down) sent my sister after a weekend they spent going through some of her Polaroid memories (click to enlarge).

Yes, those were really certainly The Good Old Days!

Pix 1: Our Grandpop. The patriarch of our family. Definitely ‘Old School’ when it came to discipline and other family values!

Pix 2: Me with my two cousins on our bikes

Pix 3: Four cousins

Pix 4: My sister and my younger cousin



  1. JuiceMag said,

    June 10, 2008 at 9:02 am

    I love posting photos of my childhood in facebook. I find it really funny when looking at those picture and i always mumble ‘how cue i was!’ (note past tense hehe)

  2. caratime2 said,

    June 10, 2008 at 10:50 am

    I especially love these pix because I had never seen them before (or – at least – don’t remember having ever seen them). It’s funny and humbling to try to step back into you 5, 8, 10 year old self and remember what the world looked like to you then. For the same reason, I enjoy looking at baby pix of my kids. They are both in the 20’s now, but it seems like only yesterday I was still putting them down for their nap……

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