What TheGirl Have Been Up To

I realize I’ve written relatively little about my children. Partially it’s because I’ve been looking back over things (long) past; partially because I want to give them some space and the luxury of not being regular characters in somebody else’s blog. But as any parent can tell you, without your kids ‘life’ would be like a word without any vowels…

So here is an update on TheGirl:

TheGirl has been struggling mightily with life for the longest time. She’s a very intelligent and beautiful young woman, who is at times very introverted and insecure. This makes interaction with the outside world difficult for her sometimes, and her relationships with other people – including her family – are marked by the tension between her complex inner life and her social unease. It’s also thrown a wrench in the monkey works of her education.

Just recently, however, she worked in a hospital thanks to a special project from the local employment agency. It was a good experience for her (she had done a short internship in the children’s ward at the same hospital several years ago and liked it a lot), and she enjoyed working there. In the meantime, though, this project has been discontinued. But TheGirl has already enrolled in school for the fall, and is now looking for a job in the social sector (e.g. elder care) to pay her way.

The most exciting thing in her life, though, has been her new role as a ‘grandmother’…

You see, theGirl had two cats – Kiwi and Floehchen (German for ‘Little Flea’). Kiwi was a gift from her father; Floehchen was a birthday gift from her boyfriend. Kiwi took to Floehchen right away and mothered him whenever she got the chance. Floehchen, on the other hand, seemed to be pretty shy. I don’t think I even saw him at all till last week, because the second I came into the apartment he would hide under the nearest piece of furniture for the duration of my stay.

Apparently, Floehchen wasn’t as shy as he made out to be. Lo and behold Kiwi began to gain weight and her nipples became extended. The Ex thought it may be a pseudo-pregnancy stimulated by her constant care of Floehchen. Until TheGirl came home one day to find blood on Kiwi. She followed the trail of droplets back into The Ex’s room and there on the floor was something she first thought was a dead mouse.

It was Raki, Kiwi’s first (and up till now: only) kitten.

rakiKiwi and Raki

Needless to say, Floehchen was apparently not as shy around Kiwi as he was around me. He got carted off to the vet the very next morning, and had the old ‘snip-snip’ for his troubles.


I’m happy to report that mother, kitten, and father are doing fine. ‘Grandmother’ and ‘Great-Grandfather’ are a little the worse for wear, though….



  1. Anja said,

    June 12, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    Hi Trina,

    I cannot even recall how I found your blog but occasionally I stop by and follow your blog.

    You have a very beautiful daughter! And Raki is such a gorgeous little baby!

    Greetings from NRW


  2. caratime2 said,

    June 12, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Hi Anja,

    Maybe you saw some of my comments on Schokolade Maedchen? I think I remember your name from there.

    Thanks for the compliments on my daughter (and her ‘granddaughter’). As you can imagine, she was excited by that unexpected addition to her little feline family.

    Thanks, too, for dropping by! I’ll drop by your blog, too, and make sure to visit regularly.

    Greetings from one part of NRW to the other…


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