This Week’s WTF Moment…


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…is sponsored by your local Republican Party.

I have to give it to him: McCain is still good for a few surprises. And this one is certainly a doozy! It’s not so much the fact that he chose a woman as his potential VP (that was almost a no-brainer on the list of possible strategies), but the woman he chose to choose, as it were.

There are many women in the Republican Party who have experience, exposure and a good reputation amongst the masses of the party faithful. Why exactly McCain decided to make this off-the-wall choice must be as puzzling to them as it is to me.

Here’s my take:

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No Comment Necessary*

*With kudos to Sen. Edward Kennedy, as well!

What I’m Listening To Now

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

I seem to be in between names right now.

Like many female products of the feminist movement of the 70’s, I chose to hyphenate my last name when I married TheEx. I didn’t see why I should give up the name I had grown up with, and – in my case – the name that linked me to my American roots. So, since 1977 I have been ‘Ms. X-Y’.

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From My Garden To Yours

(Lemon Verbena or Verbena citriodora Cav.)

I finally got out into the garden again today with my camera. Anyone interested in knowing what things looked like a few months ago, click here.

For some reason, almost everything we have is some shade of purple.

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Pre-Weekend Chuckle