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In Monschau With ChessMan, TheGirl and the Pups

Sometime last summer ChessMan, TheGirl and I packed up the pups and took a day trip to Monschau, a picturesque German town located almost smack-dab on the Dutch border.

The first time I ever heard of Monschau was when TheGirl went there on a class trip many years ago. There is a large youth hostel at the top of the hill, and that’s where the kids stayed. She had a great time while there, and still has fond memories of the town and their adventures there.

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I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself…

…so I won’t even try!

BWIE at the DNC

My girl Adrianne George from Black Women in Europe representing us (black) Americans who live in Europe and are feverishly hoping for a change we can believe in at the DNC in Denver.

YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself……)

Mother-Daughter Time

Just so you don’t get the idea that I either head off to the hills by myself or in the company of ChessMan, I decided to share some pix I took on a trip TheGirl and I made together for her birthday a few years back.

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B’day Jaunt

I mentioned in a previous post that I was in the habit of giving myself the luxury of a few days’ worth of escape each year for my birthday. The first year ChessMan and I were together we ended up going away together. After some searching and much indecision, we ended up in the northeastern part of the Netherlands in a town called Haaksbergen.

The hotel where we stayed was a located in a very rustic setting, surrounded by fields and meadows with grazing horses and the like. As you can see, ChessMan is forever making new friends!

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