When Size Matters


What I’m Listening To Now

Melancholy and frustrating day. This is the perfect companion piece. I was turned on to Anthony and the Johnsons by my Dutch friend, John. I loved this song immediately. The delicate voice. The pensive lyrics.

I lost my MP3’s the this album when my laptop blew up last year, but had thought about it this past week. Thanks to a former colleague for inadvertently reminding me….

Finally: Some Katt Williams Comedy that’s (almost) SFW

Ok, I admit that Katt Williams is one of my guilty comedy pleasures. Although I don’t approve of his language (i.e. continual use of the notorious n-word), I think he is so on-point on some many things.

Still, I have hesitated to put any clips of his on my blog, because I didn’t want it to seem like I condoned the language, per se. But now I’ve found a clip of him performing at a BET awards show, where he’s obviously been asked to clean up his language. Now all I need to know is why BET has problems with a comedian using the n-word, but not with using the b-word….


ha, ha, very funny…not!

7 Random Things


Ok, I was tagged by Guilia Geranium’s editor, so not only do I have to think up some creative answers (:oP), I also have to think of some folks to send it to. Hmmmm.

First, however, here is my homework – 7 Random Things About Me!

  1. I have the same middle name as my maternal grandmother: Elizabeth.
  2. I share this middle name with at least 2 of my female cousins, though in each case they were given my grandmother’s full name: Julia Elizabeth.
  3. My mom – after giving up on the idea of naming me ‘Darla Dawn’ (gee, thanks, Mom!) – finally found my 1st name in one of those ‘True Confession’ or ‘My Secret’ magazines that was lying around in the hospital
  4. I wanted to give my son the North German first name ‘Hauke’ or the Southern German name ‘Florian’, but my ex-husband nixed both of them.
  5. I named my daughter after Rembrandt’s 1st wife
  6. My puppies are named after famous film action heros
  7. ChessMan’s name isn’t an abbreviation for anything, though some English-speaking people automatically think so, and even though it means ‘fat’ in German and is a slang word for the male genitalia in the USA.