Pups on the Run

cat alarm

The night before my birthday the puppies decided to run away from home.

It’s not the first time they have scampered off – humming “Born Free” as they run – but they had gotten so much better. And there lies the root of the problem! We have been training them to run and jump into the car without their leashes when the car is parked right in front of the house. And usually they do.

Sometimes, though, they don’t…

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In Transit


Living as we are – out of boxes and suitcases until…? – I feel like I do when I am on board a plane.

Before any flight, I am as busy and as hectic as the next person. There are things to pack (“Has that blouse been washed yet?”) and arrangements to make (“What time should the taxi be here?”) and then that final countdown (“Money? Check! Passport? Check! Tickets?!?!”) before actually boarding the plane.

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The More Things Change…


…the more they stay the same.

It looks as though the news of my imminent move was slightly premature.

In other words, last minute complications threw a monkey wrench into the works at (almost) literally five minutes to midnight.

After an short-but-intense period of disorientation, we’re picking ourselves back up, brushing ourselves off, and – after a personal health day or two – getting back to the drawing board.

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