Thanksgiving and the Bridge to Somewhere

I know I haven’t been writing here much recently, but I find it difficult to pick a topic to write about that’s not overtly  boring or too full of frustration for public consumption. Although ‘winging it’ amidst our cartons, suitcases and boxes was o.k. for awhile, it got old pretty fast. Now everything feels so temporary and slapdash and unstable – with (for the moment, at least) no definitive end in sight.

Yes, it’s beginning to really get to me.

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Grand-daughter on Board!









I had a chance to go to the ob/gyn with my daughter last week and see the ultra-sound of my first grand-daughter. Technology is truly wonderful! It was very exciting to see the pictures, hear the doctor’s explanations, and see her move around so happily. The pictures were pretty sharp, too. Sharp enough to count the little toes as she rocked herself back and forth.

She is growing according to plan, and is doing fine in every respect.