Her First Smile


Joyeaux! Joyeaux!


Yesterday I pulled it together enough to do a little cleaning and decorating for the holidays. TheGirl and TheBoy are expected in later today for our holiday dinner, after having spent the day yesterday with the father.

The menu is planned and already partially prepared:

  • pork roast with mustard-garlic-herb-balsamico crust
  • macaroni & cheese
  • herbal rice
  • white asparagus wrapped in ham with hollandaise
  • green beans in bacon with onions

To counter the urge to nibble, we are having deviled eggs, an assortment of cheeses served with mango-ginger confit and red onion confit, indian-spiced meatballs, chicken nuggets with sweet chili sauce for dipping, etc.

The snow has pretty much melted as the temperature has risen some. That’s a shame, really, because yesterday actually looked much more like Christmas than today. Oh well, for my German neighbors who celebrate the Christmas on the 24th, that worked out well.

Right now I am checking up online and enjoying the solitude of the house over a pot of jasmine tea. Soon, though, I’ve got to get my butt back in gear so that Christmas Dinner will be hot, tasty and on time.

My special holiday greetings to Priscilla G. and Susan S.!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….

Ok, this was TheGirl’s idea. Don’t know what motivated her to want to do it.

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