I am a Pennsylvania native who has lived, studied and worked in Europe since the mid-70’s (yep! I’m THAT old…).

In the meantime I have been married to, then separated (and now – almost – divorced) from my German husband, who I met in Heidelberg. Yes, ‘ich habe mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren‘! I am the proud mother of two intelligent and good-looking adult children: Saskia Alexis (25) and Sean Christian (23). Along with my new Dutch partner (the infamous ‘ChessMan’ from my entries), I am also (successfully?) co-parenting two frolicking four-legged and furry children, our black and tan standard dachshunds, Termi(nator) and Rocky (2).

After my studies in Strasbourg, Heidelberg and Goettingen, I worked in management training and development as well as advertising for more than two decades. Tired of and frustrated with the corporate grind (so, what else is new) I established my own company, Creating Tomorrow: The Leadership Consultancy in 2005. Building up a viable business is a formidable challenge, but I enjoy the work I do as an executive/business coach, communication and leadership skills trainer and HR consultant immensely.

I initially discovered the joys of blogging via my business-related blog Creating Tomorrow, which I began in early 2007. I now also have a second business blog, 360° of Diversity.

Because I came to Europe with the intention of staying here and making a life, I have always prided myself as being something of an “anti-tourist”. Although I can be the consummate host to my guests from the States, for years I didn’t even own a camera. Seldom did any of the traditional tourist sites impress me half as much as the chance encounters I had with people I met along the way.

Still and all…in the meantime I have not only been thinking a lot about my many experiences over the past 30+ years. I have also received a great deal of enjoyment from reading the blogs of other women (and some men) who’ve also pitched their life’s tents here in Europe. Be it for a few months, or – like me – with no definitive end in sight.

Inspiration from reading other expats’ blogs is the most obvious reason I began this personal blog. Also: I feel I have a story to tell. With a little luck, I’ll rediscover my voice and begin telling it.

Other reasons will probably surface along the way.

Click! Read! Enjoy!

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