More December Pix

A lot – but not all – of these pix were taken in Braubach, which is located very near Koblenz.


It is one of those quaint little towns that makes Germany such a joy for tourists. Plus, things were decorated for the Holiday Seasons, so a lot of places looked especially nice.

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland


These pix were actually taken in the Schwabian Alb in early December, but we’ve had snow here for over a week. It looks really great outside, and – because I don’t have to commute in it regularly – I am enjoying it.

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In Monschau With ChessMan, TheGirl and the Pups

Sometime last summer ChessMan, TheGirl and I packed up the pups and took a day trip to Monschau, a picturesque German town located almost smack-dab on the Dutch border.

The first time I ever heard of Monschau was when TheGirl went there on a class trip many years ago. There is a large youth hostel at the top of the hill, and that’s where the kids stayed. She had a great time while there, and still has fond memories of the town and their adventures there.

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How Menopause Got Me to Madrid


As some of you may know, I just got back from a business jaunt to Madrid. My mission? To prepare a team of hostesses, as well as international brand managers from one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, for their stint as booth team members at the 12th World Conference on Menopause. Let’s just say that both I and the ladies engaged as hostesses were selected over younger, more nubile (or male) candidates because of our chronological proximity to the subject matter…. Although there wasn’t any opportunity to play tourist, I was still really excited about the opportunity – especially because this was my first trip to Spain.

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Channelling The Jolly Green Giant

wild garden

The first year we moved into the house we did little in the garden. The pooper scooper twins were often given the run of the first level and proceeded in a record amount of time to dig gigantic holes into the grass. The back portion is steep and filled with weeds and pine trees. In the very back there is also a huge walnut tree.

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No Popes, but Pigeons


I have only been to Italy once. It’s one of those memories that is a hodgepodge of fascination and fun (new country! adventure!), and melancholy (wrong, wrong man…). Still, it was fantastic to finally get a chance to see some of the things I had heard about so often.

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detail, hagia sophia, istabul, turkey

 In 2005 I had the opportunity to conduct a workshop for a media agency in Istanbul, Turkey. I had never been to Turkey before, so I jumped at the chance to investigate at least a small part of the historical city before and after the workshop.

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Living on Moscow Time

From a Taxi in Moscow

I first had the opportunity to travel to Russia (then: Soviet Union) in 1975 with a study tour. While there, I visited both Moscow and Leningrad (now: St. Petersburg). Years later – after glasnost and perestroika had been added to the international vocabulary – I made several trips back to Moscow on business in both the mid- and late-90’s, as well as in 2005 and 2006.

It was a daunting experience in the 70’s to be in a country I had heard so many contradictory things about. I had taken a course in Russian history in high school, and signed up for an introductory Russian language course in Strasbourg, so I was well aware of the rich history and the propaganda – on both sides.

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