Winter Wonderland 2010

I know it has been awhile since last time I posted – let alone since the last time I posted anything of substance. I have been quite busy in one way or another, but also going through some things, as they say.

While I was updating my other blogs (and discovering that the content of my main blog has magically disappeared whilst being transported from one server to another, I think: FML), I realized that I had taken a pretty good series of pictures showing how the snow has built up here throughout the season.

Since it’s snowing as I type – and has pretty much been snowing at least a little bit every day since November – it’s seem like the perfect time to share them.


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Mom’s Trip to Germany…

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Is It Summer Yet?

Yes, I do believe summer has finally arrived in Germany. The last few days have been gorgeous – and even here in the mountains extremely warm (ok, compared to what we’re used to). The fact that it cools off considerably at night just means we get a good night’s sleep and are all rested and full of energy for the next day. Believe it or not, the weather reports say it’s supposed to stay this way at least into the beginning of the week!

ChessMan and I have either been on the road or piddling about in the garden. Tuesday we drove into Belgium, and the weather was fantastic! Wednesday and Thursday we both had work to do around here, but it was good all the same. Friday we went back to visit our old landlords (unfortunately it was a condolence visit), and I also got a peek at the “old” garden, which look quite good considering it’s not getting the regular care it was used to.  Especially the small side garden look wonderful!

Yesterday ChessMan and I were on the look-out for new plants and also bought a few more fish for the pond (to go with the snails our ex-landlords donated from theirs).

Here’s an update:

The Finishing Touches

It’s hard to believe, but for the last 9 (!) months ChessMan and I have been living out of boxes and suitcases. It all started in September with our 1st thwarted move. When we finally did move into this house at the beginning of March, the renovation on the 2nd floor wasn’t complete.

Needless to say, without a single clothes cupboard  and only a makeshift bedroom (we’re currently sleeping in what eventually will be the guest room) this place looks more like a squatter’s camp than a home.

But progress is being made! In about 10 days we should be able to move upstairs and settle into our master bedroom, respective home offices and new master bath.

Once we’ve done that, it’ll be time to paint the walls downstairs before finally – EXHALING!

Introducing…the neighbors!

(Don’t know why the picture didn’t show up the first time… Sorry!)

This kitchen table does double duty as my desk until renovation is finished upstairs. While I was sitting here getting some work done one day last week, the dogs freaked out in the living room. Freak out mode usually kicks in when they are in the kitchen and see Bella and Flo (the love of Termi’s life) from across the road heading off for a walk. So, what was so exciting in the living room – which sits at the back of the house?

I was pretty surprised to see that we were sharing our view with some four-legged friends, but – to date – they are pretty quiet and don’t smell, so I’m all for “live and let live”…


Ok, am I the only one official tired of winter? Spring is now officially here and I am all for birds chirping and flowers blooming and what-not.

This is a picture of our (new) house taken a few weeks before we first saw it. Lord only knows if I would have selected it if it had looked like this then…

But – If we have a good spring and a great summer, I promise to also appreciate the coming winter with all its frost and glory!

(New) Home, Sweet Home!

The new house

The new house

The new surroundings

The new surroundings

The new surroundings

Winter Wonderland “auf Deutsch”

Heading into the New Year

Actually, both ChessMan and I are suffering from bad colds, so 20-10 is starting off in slow motion for both of us. We sleep a lot. Sniffle and cough a lot. And consume copious amounts of liquids. During the day it’s usually tea and/or coffee and  water. As time goes on we admittedly shift to beer (him) or hot toddies made with Bacardi dark (me). In other words, are mornings get off to a slow start and our evenings are experienced in a warm and fuzzy glow.

Because I am not watching much TV right about now, I have been spending my time on the computer watching episodes of old TV shows over at If you do not know this excellent site, I command you to RUN – not walk – on over there. It has been my go-to place for some time for the Old Time Radio plays I listen to during the night. Now I am watching a lot of sitcoms and other shows from the 50’s. My current favorite: One Step Beyond. If you are a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits fan, you definitely should check out a few episodes! My favorites from yesterday: “The Visitor” with a very young and handsome Warren Beatty and “The Dead Part of the House“.

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Happy 20-10!

“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.”
(David Weinbaum)

At the beginning of the New Year,
as well as the beginning of a new decade,
I wish you many inspiring and productive beginnings!

„Beginne nicht mit einem guten Vorsatz,
sondern mit einer kleinen Tat.“

Am  Anfang eines neuen Jahres –
Am Anfang eines neuen Jahrzehnts –
wünsche ich Ihnen die vielen “kleinen Taten”,
die große Ziele ermöglichen!

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