Mom’s Trip to Germany…

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Grand-daughter on Board!









I had a chance to go to the ob/gyn with my daughter last week and see the ultra-sound of my first grand-daughter. Technology is truly wonderful! It was very exciting to see the pictures, hear the doctor’s explanations, and see her move around so happily. The pictures were pretty sharp, too. Sharp enough to count the little toes as she rocked herself back and forth.

She is growing according to plan, and is doing fine in every respect.


Pre-Weekend Chuckle

Pix My Sister Sent


I had the good fortune of growing up in an intact black middle class neighborhood till I was nine years old. We played safely outside on our street. Though we lived in a city, there was plenty of green in our neighborhood, and many a lazy summer afternoon was spent riding our bikes, picking (and eating!) berries,  or playing some sort of outdoor game. Neighborhood mothers (and fathers!) had an eye out for you – and Lord help you, if someone else had call to discipline you. You got it both coming (from them) and going (from your parents).

We also lived two doors down from my aunt and uncle (Dad’s 2nd youngest brother) and two cousins.

My sister has been photo-raiding with my dearest Aunt Henrietta. The following are pix Aunt Henriette (abovementioned aunt; formerly two doors down) sent my sister after a weekend they spent going through some of her Polaroid memories (click to enlarge).

Yes, those were really certainly The Good Old Days!

Pix 1: Our Grandpop. The patriarch of our family. Definitely ‘Old School’ when it came to discipline and other family values!

Pix 2: Me with my two cousins on our bikes

Pix 3: Four cousins

Pix 4: My sister and my younger cousin

Invasion of the Ocular Aliens

Me with my Aunties. Lord help us all!

My sister told me about this picture. She was visiting one of my Aunt Henrietta recently, and they discovered this while burrowing through a box of old photos.

Now, as far as I am concerned, I have an excuse. I was a child – and genetics were more responsible for my forehead than I was.

But: Aunties! Where did you get those glasses?!?!?!??!

(Seriously: I wish I had a pair of those around today. I would certainly find a way to rock ’em. Both pairs!!!!)

Love you, Aunt Joyce and Aunt Lois.

R.I.P. Aunt Gerry! Love you, too!

Happy Birthday!

Me and Dad in HBG

Today is my dad’s 75th birthday.

In a day and age when many black children grow up in homes without fathers (or any father-figure in their lives worth the name), I have to look with pride, respect and affection at my own father and his four brothers – all men who stayed married and in their children’s lives through thick and thin.

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